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December 2014

Thursday December 4, 2014
Two Heads Reading Series with Adeena Karasick

Friday December 5, 2014
Adeena Karasick at the University of Toronto

Saturday December 13, 2014
Adeena Karasick at the AB Series Solstice Party in Ottawa

Wednesday December 17, 2014
Adeena Karasick, the Incomparable, in NYC

January 2015

Wednesday January 21, 2015
North Van Book Club Drop-In Discussion: They Called Me Number One

February 2015

Friday February 27, 2015
Adeena Karasick in Louisville, Kentucky

April 2015

Thursday April 23, 2015
Play: In Piazza San Domenico by Steve Galluccio in Sudbury, ON
Wednesday November 19, 2014 in News
Michel, Ti-Jean, and Verdun, QC in the Montreal Review of Books

See the Fall 2014 issue of the Montreal Review of Books for two reviews of recent Talon plays, Michel and Ti-Jean and Motherhouse, or read these excellent reviews online.

Thursday November 13, 2014 in News
Launched! Our Fall 2014 “Septuplets”

L–R, top row to bottom: Phinder Dulai, Janet Rogers, Daphne Marlatt, Brian Henderson, Sandra Huber, and ryan fitzpatrick

Last evening in downtown Vancouver, about 80 people gathered to hear seven readings from new works published by Talonbooks: six collections of poetry and one novel. Staff members from Vancouver’s finest downtown indie bookstore, the Paper Hound, manned the book sales table, and the venue, Pyatt Hall (at the Vancouver School of Music), proved to be the perfect location for listening and experiencing poetry read aloud; all was silent but for the clear voices of the readers.

Click on “Go to story…” (below) to see photos from this event.

Wednesday November 12, 2014 in News
New Arrivals, Right on Time for Tonight’s Launch

We welcome [OR] by Brian Henderson and Assembling the Morrow by Sandra Huber to the Talonbooks poetry list today. These two handsome books have arrived and will be available for sale alongside our other Fall 2014 titles at tonight’s septuple launch.

Join Talonbooks tonight to hear readings from seven new books (six works of poetry and one novel). Authors Phinder Dulai, ryan fitzpatrick, Brian Henderson, Sandra Huber, and Janet Rogers will read from their recently published collections of poetry. Daphne Marlatt will read from Peacock Blue, the collected poems of Phyllis Webb.

(TONIGHT!) Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Doors open at 7:30 p.m., readings start at 8:00.
Pyatt Hall, Vancouver Symphony School of Music
843 Seymour Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
No admission fee. All are welcome.

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Monday November 10, 2014 in News
Book Review: Birth of a Bridge in the Wall Street Journal

A review of Maylis de Kerangal’s novel, Birth of a Bridge (translated by Jessica Moore), appeared in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, November 7. Written by Sam Sacks, who found the book “delightful,” the review juxtaposed this novel with Suspended Sentences by Patrick Modiano. Read the review online, and see highlights below.

“Ms. de Kerangal’s writing is always exuberant (and boisterously translated by Jessica Moore) … This delightful book’s unabashed idealism, combined with those playfully literary proper names, marks it as a kind of aspirational fairy tale. … Ms. de Kerangal gives us a Tocquevillian picture of America from its most flattering angle: An enterprising, melting-pot democracy driven by dreams of progress and happy to get its hands dirty…”
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Friday November 7, 2014 in News
New Arrival! War Cantata / Child Object

War Cantata / Child Object is a set of two plays in one book by Larry Tremblay. The first play, War Cantata, was translated from French to English by Keith Turnbull, and the second, Child Object, by Chantal Bilodeau. The book is available from Talonbooks for $18.95.

How far will humanity go in its quest for power? Why do we desire to eliminate each other through war? War Cantata looks at ways the impulse for violence is transmitted from one generation to the next; for example, when a father teaches his son hatred to transform him into a soldier impervious to pity. Without focusing on a particular battle or soldier, this harsh, intense, choral text builds the rhythmic power of words to expose war’s spiral toward hatred.

In Child Object, with child as a blank page, a man sets about constructing his ideal companion, manipulating personality, gender, and body. The child becomes the ultimate consumer good.

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Wednesday November 5, 2014 in News
T-Minus One Week to Talon’s Fall 2014 Launch!

One week from today, Talon will launch six new works of poetry and one novel – and you are invited to join us. Enjoy the comfort and acoustics of Vancouver’s Pyatt Hall while listening to innovative authors read from their latest books. ryan fitzpatrick, Sandra Huber, Brian Henderson, Phinder Dulai, and Janet Rogers will read from their new works of poetry. Poet and Webb scholar Stephen Collis will read from Peacock Blue: The Collected Poems of Phyllis Webb, and Jessica Moore will read from the only novel on the roster: Birth of a Bridge, which she translated from French to English.

Talonbooks Fall 2014 Launch
Wednesday, November 12
Pyatt Hall
843 Seymour Street
(VSO School of Music)
Vancouver, BC

Doors open at 7:30 PM
Readings start at 8:00

Snacks! Bar! Readings! Books for sale! You love all those things, and you know it.

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Monday November 3, 2014 in News
Two New Poetry Reviews: From the Poplars & DOWNVERSE

Two strong reviews of Talon poetry were published last week; if you haven’t seen them yet, they are worth a read. Nathaniel G. Moore of Rabble.ca responded to the clarion call within Cecily Nicholson’s From the Poplars, and Lee Norton for the Ethos Review immersed himself in the contractions and contradictions of Nikki Reimer’s DOWNVERSE. From the former, a highlight:

From the Poplars is a compelling blend of poetic research, personal infusion and historical subjectivity while remaining urgent and insightful. It’s a call to arms for environmental consciousness, and a text monument of loss and shame.
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Friday October 31, 2014 in News
Last Chance: the Larry Tremblay Fiction Special

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, we put three of our most suspenseful, unsettling works of fiction by Larry Tremblay on sale. The special is still on, but only through the weekend, so now’s your chance!

The Obese Christ is Tremblay’s latest novel. This gripping, Hitchcockian tale of disturbed mama’s boy Edgar and his quest to “save” the victim of a rape he witnessed will draw you in for the kill.

In The Bicycle Eater, meet Christophe, who ten years ago failed the test of eating a bicycle for Anna as proof of his love and devotion. Desperate to escape his unrequited love, Christophe flees to the Island of Women off the coast of Mexico. There begins his transformation from a man possessed to a man confused, and nothing and no one is what they seem.

Piercing is a set of three tales about stalkers, runaways, and a strange encounter that begs the question: in contemporary urban settings, is violence the only way to break through alienation?

Get this thrilling, semi-Halloween-themed bundle for just $29.95! (Normally $52.85)

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Wednesday October 29, 2014 in News
Two Major American Reviews for Birth of a Bridge

The wonderful novel Birth of a Bridge by Maylis de Kerangal (translated from French to English by Jessica Moore) has been reviewed by two major American publications recently. Below are highlights from each, with links to the full reviews online.

From Kirkus Reviews:

It’s fitting that the epigraph comes from Jorge Luis Borges, for the world de Kerangal creates has a surreal Borges-ean feel to it. The central character is the bridge itself, though it’s surrounded by humans of various shapes and statures. … The whole narrative unfolds in a dreamlike manner, and Moore’s translation is elegant and sensitively attuned to the author’s wordplay and neologisms.

From Publishers Weekly:

Moore stays true to de Kerangal’s unique prose, which flows from the mythic to the mundane. Her translation is clear and unadorned. The story told through its varied cast of characters, alternating from the grandiose to the intimate, is one that will stay with readers long after the book is closed and the bridge is built.

The author and translator are currently touring major Canadian writers’ festivals (Vancouver and Toronto), will stop in New York City this week, and have been well received.

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Tuesday October 28, 2014 in News
Book Review: dream / arteries in the Vancouver Sun

Saturday’s edition of the Vancouver Sun included a rich review by Dennis E. Bolen of Phinder Dulai’s latest collection of poetry, dream / arteries. Here is a selection from the review:

Combined rhythmic discipline and a wide descriptive palette, wielded by a talented composer of word images; this would be the definition of anyone’s preferred reading. … 

The volume is elegantly produced and includes strategically placed archival photos, some faintly impressed as sepia ghostings upon translucent panels. The effect is one of contemporaneous immediacy within an irresistible sense of the importance of the past.

It is a testament to Phinder Dulai’s consummate skill, aside from his personal connection to the material, that we come away from dream /arteries with a heightened awareness of all travel phenomenon, the harshness and revelatory thrill of new lands, the coldness of alienation and the vivacity of new connection.

Read the full review online.

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Friday November 14, 2014 in Meta-Talon

Straddling the Divide: Languages and Bridges

By Jessica Moore

Jessica Moore is a French-English translator who most recently translated Maylis de Kerangal’s novel, Birth of a Bridge. Moore recently visited a certain inspirational bridge and sent us – and you – a few photos and words about it.

Thursday November 6, 2014 in Meta-Talon

Second Report on the Instability of Cities

By Daniel Canty

Daniel Canty, author of Wigrum (2013) and Les États-unis du vent (to be published in English by Talonbooks in 2015), is completing a six-month residency at the Studio du Québec, in London, England. Canty shares his reflections on some of the city’s foggy history and the sometimes foggy process of writing.

Thursday October 30, 2014 in Meta-Talon

Author Daniel Canty in London, UK: First Report

By Daniel Canty

Daniel Canty, author of Wigrum (2013) and Les États-unis du vent (to be published in English by Talonbooks in 2015), is completing a six-month residency at the Studio du Québec, in London, England. In this, his first report, Canty tells of his haunts and jaunts.

Friday October 24, 2014 in Meta-Talon

Interview: Garry Thomas Morse on His Poetry and Prose

Read an interview with Garry Thomas Morse, which was conducted by Lee Gulyas and her class at Western Washington University in October, 2014 while studying his book Discovery Passages.

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Michel Marc Bouchard
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Michel Tremblay
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Phinder Dulai

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ryan fitzpatrick

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Garry Thomas Morse

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Janet Rogers

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Phyllis Webb
Edited by John F. Hulcoop

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Tear the Curtain!

Jonathon Young & Kevin Kerr & Kim Collier

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The Commons

Stephen Collis

The Visual Laboratory of Robert Lepage cover
The Visual Laboratory of Robert Lepage

Ludovic Fouquet
Translated by Rhonda Mullins

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Larry Tremblay
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Brian Henderson

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