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April 2015

Thursday April 2, 2015
M.A.C. Farrant at the Sidney Literary Festival on Vancouver Island

Saturday April 4, 2015
Meet Me in the Middle | Write On Rights, Winnipeg

Tuesday April 7, 2015
Nikki Reimer at the Art Bar Reading Series, Toronto

Wednesday April 8, 2015
Nikki Reimer at Pivot Reading Series, Toronto

Thursday April 9, 2015
An Evolving City: Writing Vancouver’s Past, Present, and Future – with George Bowering and Wayde Compton

Friday April 10, 2015
Play: “Abraham Lincoln Goes to the Theatre” in Sudbury, ON

Saturday April 11, 2015
Play: “Tom at the Farm” at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto

Sunday April 12, 2015
M.A.C. Farrant at gritLIT in Hamilton, ON

Monday April 13, 2015
M.A.C. Farrant at the Rowers Pub Reading Series in Toronto

Wednesday April 15, 2015
Poetry Reading: Catriona Strang at SFU Lunch Poems, Vancouver

Wednesday April 15, 2015
Collection: Reading Selected Works, with Brian Brett & Phyllis Webb, Salt Spring Island

Wednesday April 15, 2015
Roughing it in the Bush Revisited (with 4 Talon poets!), Vancouver

Tuesday April 21, 2015
Storytelling and Traditions, with Bev Sellars and Willie Sellars, Williams Lake

Thursday April 23, 2015
Play: “In Piazza San Domenico” by Steve Galluccio in Sudbury, ON

Thursday April 23, 2015
Talonbooks Spring 2015 Poetry Launch! (Vancouver)

Tuesday April 28, 2015
Talonbooks Spring 2015 Poetry Launch! (Toronto)

May 2015

Thursday May 7, 2015
Crees in the Caribbean – a new play by Drew Hayden Taylor

Wednesday May 20, 2015
Play: “God and the Indian” at the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver

Thursday May 21, 2015
Elise Partridge Tribute in Vancouver, with Jordan Abel

Saturday May 23, 2015
Double Book Launch: Meredith Quartermain and Colin Browne, Vancouver
Monday March 30, 2015 in News
Meet Garry Thomas Morse in the Middle

GTM at the Manitoba Indigenous Cultural Education Centre, where he recently read from his last collection of poetry, Discovery Passages

Poet and author Garry Thomas Morse, newly established on the prairie, will appear at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights on Saturday, April 4 – this weekend! – as a reader in Meet Me in the Middle: 10 poets and 10 publishers on rights. Morse will read from his forthcoming collection of poetry, Prairie Harbour, which will be published in Talon’s Fall 2015 season. For details, see our event listing.

Morse also read recently from the latest installment of his experimental fiction series, The Chaos! Quincunx, which is available from Talonbooks as a set of three books: Minor Episodes / Major Ruckus, Rogue Cells / Carbon Harbour_, and Minor Expectations.

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Friday March 27, 2015 in News
Two More Spring Books Have Arrived! The Shoplifters and page as bone ~ ink as blood

Hot off the presses, two more Spring 2015 Talonbooks have arrived: a poetry title and a drama title.

Jónína Kirton’s first collection of poetry with Talon is page as bone – ink as blood ($16.95) – “restorative, intimate poetry, drawing down ancestral ideas into the current moment’s breath” (Joanne Arnott). Loosely autobiographical, these are the weavings of a wagon-goddess who ventures into the double-world existence as a mixed-race woman. With this collection, Kirton adds her voice to the call for the kind of fierce honesty referred to by Muriel Rukeyser when she asked, What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.

And now, for something completely different, we give you Morris Panych’s latest play, The Shoplifters ($17.95), which takes a jab at a different sort of inequity. In this riotously funny new comedy, we meet Alma, a seasoned career shoplifter who prefers the five-finger discount over some lousy seniors’ day deal. But it’s not just an empty wallet that leads Alma to a life of petty crime – it’s also her strong convictions about social justice and economic equality. Panych’s comedy offers biting observations about society’s haves and have-nots and how much they might actually have in common.

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Wednesday March 25, 2015 in News
Oana Avasilichioaei Launches Limbinal in L.A. and S.F.

Poetry community of SoCal, Oana Avasilichioaei is coming your way this weekend! She will read from her brand-spanking new collection of poetry, Limbinal, three times between March 27 and 31, 2015, as part of the &Now 2015: Blast Radius Festival of New Writing (Valencia, CA), the “YAhora” Special Marathon Reading Event (Los Angeles, CA), and the False Starts Reading Series (San Fransisco, CA). Full details are available in our event listing.

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Tuesday March 24, 2015 in News
Limbinal was neither here nor there … but now it is indubitably here.

The fourth Spring 2015 Talonbook is in hand! Oana Avasilichioaei’s collection of poetry, Limbinal, is now available – and, boy, is it a handsome book: Oana’s own atmospheric photographs are included in full colour alongside her remarkable poems.

As its hybrid title suggests, Limbinal speaks in the porous space between a limb’s articulations and a liminal border. Formally diverse, the pieces in Limbinal intersect prose fragments with incantatory dialogues, poetic footnotes with photographic phrases, rebellious translations with liquid transpositions.

Limbinal can be yours to experience for $19.95.

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Monday March 23, 2015 in News
I, Bartleby, Am Here

A handsome book of short, quirky short stories written by Meredith Quartermain has just arrived from the press! Who is writing whom, these stories about writing and writers ask in their musing reflections – the writer or the written? The thinker or the alphabet? The calligrapher or the pictograms hidden in her Chinese written characters?

I, Bartleby is now available for $14.95. Listen to the author read selections from this book at Talon’s spring launch in Vancouver on April 23 or April 28 in Toronto.

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Friday March 20, 2015 in News
New Arrival! Odd Ducks by Bryden MacDonald

The second of our Spring 2015 books is here! Bryden MacDonald’s Odd Ducks is “a tragedy that is essentially a comedy because really, without comedy, nothing can be taken seriously … The writing sizzles and sings … the play builds to a great finish.” So sayeth Halifax’s Chronicle Herald. Set in the small, Nova Scotian town of Tartan Cross, this oddball comedy follows four friends – more like frenemies – and their intertwined existential angst. Enjoyed by audiences in Chester, NS, where it premiered, Odd Ducks is – dare we say it – even better in its published form! Order yours today for $17.95.

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Wednesday March 18, 2015 in News
Our Literary Landmarks: Marlatt, Rule, and Bowering

Spotted! Daphne Marlatt has made her mark on the south side of the Burrard Bridge

A new plaque has been posted on the northwest corner of Burrard Street and Cornwall Avenue in Vancouver, BC – on the Kitsilano side of the Burrard Bridge. The plaque, which is one of 26 Literary Landmarks posted around Metro Vancouver, celebrates poet Daphne Marlatt and her contributions to the literature of the region.

Other Talon authors have made their mark as well; a plaque celebrating George Bowering is posted at the former location of the Cecil Hotel on Granville Street downtown, and another celebrating Jane Rule is posted near her former residence in West Point Grey.

The landmarks are all in place as of this month, and represent the efforts of the Vancouver Public Library and BC Bookworld.

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Monday March 16, 2015 in News
Rebuild and then Get Out

In advance of Sachiko Murakami’s forthcoming collection of poetry, Get Me Out of Here (Spring 2015), a review of her previous book, Rebuild, has just been published in The Fiddlehead. Read the full review by Allison LaSorda on pages 109–11 of the Winter 2015 issue of The Fiddlehead magazine (no. 262).

Also see this excellent interview of Murakami, published today on Jacket2, in which she elucidates the processes involved in the creation of Rebuild and give some insight into her latest project. Watch for Get Me Out of Here in April 2015.

Thursday March 12, 2015 in News
From the Poplars to the B.C. Book Prizes

Finalists for this year’s BC Book Prizes have just been announced, and we are so proud that Cecily Nicholson’s collection of poetry, From the Poplars, has been nominated!

From the Poplars, a collection of documentary poetry that reflects on the storied history of Poplar Island in New Westminster, BC, is nominated for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize alongside the following worthy opponents: Rob Budde’s Dreamland Theatre (Caitlin Press); Jen Currin’s School (Coach House Books); Kayla Czaga’s For Your Safety Please Hold On (Nightwood Editions); and Patrick Lane’s Washita (Harbour).

The awards will be presented at the Lieutenant Governor’s B.C. Book Prizes Gala in Vancouver on April 25, 2015.

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Wednesday March 11, 2015 in News
Phinder Dulai on the Prairies

Calgary residents, hark! Phinder Dulai, author of dream / arteries, which explores the history of the Komagata Maru and its passengers, is in Calgary this weekend. He will be reading at three events; you have options. Details can be found in our event listing.

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Thursday March 26, 2015 in Meta-Talon

All Aboard! (A Poem from Limbinal)

Limbinal is a new collection of poetry by Oana Avasilichioaei. As its hybrid title suggests, speaks in the porous space between a limb’s articulations and a liminal border. Formally diverse, the pieces in Limbinal intersect prose fragments with incantatory dialogues, poetic footnotes with photographic phrases, rebellious translations with liquid transpositions. “All Aboard!” appears on page 41 of this book.

Thursday March 19, 2015 in Meta-Talon

Read a Scene from Odd Ducks

Welcome to the small town of Tartan Cross, Nova Scotia, where skeletons rattle in closets and past histories are so intertwined that the lives of four forty-something, eccentric characters have become so complicated that something needs to change. In the comedy, Odd Ducks, award-winning playwright Bryden MacDonald positions his four characters at the brink of existential angst – and the action unfolds from there. Enjoy this excerpt from Odd Ducks by Bryden MacDonald.

Thursday February 26, 2015 in Meta-Talon

A New Friend That Year in Paris: An Excerpt from As Always

At the end of September 1961, Madeleine Gagnon arrived in Paris to begin courses at the Sorbonne. Over the period of two years alive in that city as a woman in her early twenties, Gagnon reflects on the impact of the friendships, education, and culture she experienced as an “enigma of time written slowly” and a touchstone for life’s later challenges.

Today on Meta-Talon, read an excerpt from As Always: Memoir of a Life in Writing.

Thursday February 19, 2015 in Meta-Talon

Sample this book! It’s not shoplifting if we give it to you.

Today on Meta-Talon, read the first scene from Morris Panych’s new play, The Shoplifters.


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