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April 2017
Thursday April 27, 2017
Talonbooks Spring Poetry Launch!
Posted: Wednesday January 11, 2017
Donato Mancini

Donato Mancini makes visual and procedural poetry, bookworks, and visual art. His books and chapbooks include Snowline (2015), Buffet World (2011), Fact ‘N’ Value (2011), Hell Passport no.22 (2008), Æthel (2007), 58 Free Coffees (2006), and Ligatures (2005). Notable exhibitions of Mancini’s visual artworks have included exhibitions through Artspeak, Western Front, Gallery Atsui, Malaspina Printmaker’s Society, and CSA. He performed with Gabriel Saloman in their noisepoetry/noisecomedy/noisemusic ensemble in the 2013 LIVE! Biennale of performance art, and as part of Concrete Scores at Open Space. Mancini’s published critical writing includes work on the archive, time, and memory in Anamnesia: Unforgetting (2011), and a discourse analysis of poetry reviews in You Must Work Harder to Write Poetry of Excellence (2012). His previous full-length book, Loitersack (New Star, 2014), is a labyrinthine commonplace book where critical, theoretical, and paraliterary tendencies intersect in the forms of poetry, poetics, theory, theory theatre, laugh particles, and many, many questions. He holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of British Columbia.

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Praise for Mancini’s previous book, Loitersack:

Loitersack is like jumping into a pond of poetic intrigue … The book is simultaneously a theatrical play, a grocery list, a deconstruction of laughter (you have to read it to understand), and uniquely poetic.”
—Contemporary Verse 2

“Donato Mancini’s Loitersack uses poetry to forge poetic theory, offering the loitersack (16th-century slang for slackers) as a paradoxical paragon. Since ‘loitering can be thought of as producing motivated blockages in urban flows,’ it is potentially an anti-capitalist activity.”
Winnipeg Free Press

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