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news | Tuesday June 30, 2020

Arleen Pare reads from Earle Street

Arleen Pare reads from Earle Street for Planet Earth Poetry! Check it out.

news | Friday June 26, 2020

Cottagers and Indians – now with the Leacock Medal finalist sticker!

Cottagers and Indians with the Leacock finalist sticker

Wow! Look how nice the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour finalist sticker looks on Drew Hayden Taylor’s Cottagers and Indians!

Pick up your copy at https://talonbooks.com/books/cottagers-and-indians – it’s currently 25% off, like all books on our website!

news | Friday June 19, 2020

2020 Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards nominations

Covers of Iron Peggy and Kuroko.

Two plays that will be published soon by Talonbooks have been nominated for 2020 Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards.

Congratulations to Tetsuro Shigematsu, whose most recent play, Kuroko, was nominated for nine (!!) Jessie Richardson Theatre awards, including Outstanding Original Script!

Congrats as well to Marie Clements, whose team for Iron Peggy has been nominated for three Jessie Richardson Theatre awards!

Check out the longlist of nominees here!

news | Tuesday June 9, 2020

Searching for Sam has arrived!

Photo of Around Her and of Searching for Sam by Sophie Bienvenu and translated by Rhonda Mullins.

Searching for Sam is the second book by popular Québécois novelist Sophie Bienvenu that Talon has published! (Around Her, pictured above, is the first.)

Searching for Sam tells the story of Mathieu, who lives on the street. His main companion is his pitbull, Sam – the one connection he retains in the world, helping him to stay alive. So when Sam disappears out of the blue, Mathieu is left adrift. As he frantically searches for her, his past begins to re-emerge in flashbacks, revealing the tragedies of his life.

Translated by Rhonda Mullins, Searching for Sam is a monologue written from Mathieu’s perspective, one that draws the reader into his interior world. As writer and journalist Marie Hélène Poitras writes in her insightful foreword, it is a book about survivors that “offers readers … a powerful human experience.”

Pick up your copy of Searching for Sam today!

news | Friday June 5, 2020

Justice for Chantel Moore

We were horrified and deeply saddened to read that a young Nuu-chah-nulth woman, Chantel Moore, from British Columbia, was shot and killed by police on early on Thursday morning in Edmundston, New Brunswick. The Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council has called for Immediate Action for Justice for Chantel Moore.

People across Canada have been speaking out about police violence against Indigenous people and Black people. Here in BC, the Independent Investigations Office of BC is currently investigating dozens of instances of death and serious harm of civilians that took place at the hands of the RCMP and municipal police forces just this year.

We here at Talon add our voices to those who are demanding justice.

news | Thursday June 4, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Photo from May 31, 2020, Black Lives Matter demonstration at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

We here at Talon stand with Black Canadians and Americans fighting for justice against police violence (the photo above is from the demonstration held at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Sunday, May 31, which one of our staffers attended). We encourage our readers to educate themselves about fatal encounters with police in Canada, in particular the disproportionate violence faced by Black Canadians and Indigenous Peoples. If you are able, please consider donating to a fund that supports justice and well-being for Black and Indigenous Canadians – The Leap has developed a good list of resources.

We must daily engage in the ongoing work of freeing our society from racism. While the most violent examples of racism are horrible, and must be vocally opposed, day-to-day struggles for justice and equality are equally important – both to create a world in which this violence does not take place, and in general to create a more welcoming and just society.

news | Friday May 22, 2020

annie ross on CBC's North by Northwest

Talon author annie ross was on CBC’s North by Northwest this past Sunday, May 17, to talk about Pots and Other Living Beings.

Check it out – her segment begins at 1:44:54.

news | Tuesday May 19, 2020

"every miracle is a hidden (yet in plain-view) supernatural event."

Poet Rob Taylor interviewed annie ross about Pots and Other Living Beings for Read Local BC. Check it out!

news | Tuesday May 19, 2020

Daphne Marlatt reads for SpokenWeb

This month’s Spoken Web podcast minisode features Talon author Daphne Marlatt reading “Lagoon” from Vancouver Poems, published in 1972. Check it out!

Want to read more? Liquidities: Vancouver Poems Then and Now gathers many of the poems from Vancouver Poems, somewhat revised or in some cases substantially revised, and follows them with “Liquidities,” a series of recent poems about Vancouver’s incessant deconstruction and reconstruction, its quick transformations both on the ground and in urban imagining.

news | Wednesday May 13, 2020

Curb-side pick-up at Talonbooks!

Sign with Talon's phone number: 604-444-4889

Talon is now doing curb-side pick-ups at our office in Vancouver, BC! We’re located next to the Fraser River, near the Oak Street bridge – if you’re in the Lower Mainland, give us a call at 604-444-4889 to order books and schedule a pick-up!

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