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Posted: Wednesday August 17, 2011
Yannick Renaud

Yannick Renaud was born in Beauport, a suburb of Quebec City. He graduated with a degree in literature from Université Laval. He works in Montreal for Éditions Les Herbes rouges and is also administrative director of the poetry review Estuaire. He has long been active in the organization and production of literary events in Quebec.

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All Is Flesh

"Renaud’s poems are untitled and structured sentence-like on the page, simultaneously defying canonical form and reflecting the poet’s thematic interest in testing the limits of bodily constraints. The fragmentary style of the prose poems allows for ontological exploration. Hazelton’s translation reads with radiant and imaginative originality, and provides an instance of aesthetic transformation even as it offers images both inspiring and dark."
Quill & Quire

"Using a fragmented style, redolent of missed steps, twisting legs and brutal breaks, the poet never makes concessions to simplicity. Taxidermy is demanding poetry, written in prose, without indulging in the facile lyricism that might seem virtually impossible to avoid." – Le Devoir

"The Disappearance of Ideas, a meditation on mourning, has a great and beautiful placidity … Renaud’s poetic phrasing is finely chiselled, down to the ellipses which give rise to the book’s most powerful thoughts, without ever falling into the trap of sentimentality." – Voix et images

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